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Not only should Moschea Neratze be visited, but also Asikiko. If you are fond of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines, complete your collection with this restaurant. Perfectly cooked grilled prawns, greek salads and veal are the tastiest dishes. You can share tasty che, yogurt and ice cream with your friends and spend a nice time here. In accordance with the visitors’ opinions, waiters offer delicious rakia, beer or cordial. Try the great coffee served here.

The convenient location of Asikiko makes it easy to reach even in rush hours. Many guests note that the staff is attentive and the service is fabulous at this place. Many reviewers have noticed that the dishes are offered for attractive prices. You will appreciate the divine decor and quiet atmosphere of this spot. This restaurant is rated on Google 4.5 by its clients.

Asikiko – The best mezedopolio in Rethymno.

Asikiko shield

Yesterday in the old town of Rethymno.

Asikiko Giorgos
Giorgos (left) and his friend, the carpenter from Aradena.

Together with Giorgos Antonakis, the owner of the Yialos Wine Restaurant in Koumpes, a district west of the center.

Invited to the Asikiko, a traditional Mezedopolio.

In the middle of the old town opposite the Neratzes Mosque.

Neratzes Mosque

The largest mosque building that has been preserved, and which already shapes the cityscape from afar, is that of the Neratzes (after a Paşa Nerace) or Gazi Hussein Mosque with its slender 34.5 meter minaret and three domes. Today it serves the city as a public event building (Odeon).

A huge selection of appetizers, some with an oriental touch.

Sunday in Rethymno. All looking for a good tavern.


On the right Giorgos, one of the 50 best chefs in Greece. On the left the chef of Asikiko.