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About Us

Welcome To Asikiko Restaurant

A story hidden in the alleys of Rethymno Old Town.

I was born in 1657.
Firstly as a hammam across the impressive Nerazte mosque with the imposing minaret, one of the greatest monuments of Rethymno…
For years, I used to be a meeting point, a purification place and a place where the beauty was meeting the architecture in the most marvelous way! So many years, that I cannot even count…
Then, I became a home.
A lot of families grew up in my rooms.
And finally, in 1999, I opened my doors to the people.
Small groups of friends in the beginning, good Cretan Tsikoudia and local traditional wine.
And the groups were growing … And my desire to make them happy was growing too.
…And through that interaction, I was getting energy…I was glowing more and more…
Time by time, I’m finding out how much satisfied you can be by just offering special and unique tasting experiences to people.
Tastes with character, tastes that standing out, tastes changing every year…
Now, after so many years, I would say that I am something from everything above…
And I wouldn’t be anything without all of you, without your energy that makes me special and gives me the inspiration and the motivation to continue. I am here for you.

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  • Cretan Cuisine
  • Passion For Food and Drinks & No Compromise on Quality